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Marriage is a journey and your wedding sets the stage. Did you know that the most successful marriages are those that have personalized ceremonies with more than just a couple witnesses present? Why? Because holding relationship accountability is a key ingredient that “mindful witnessing” brings. Ceremony Designed for You customizes your wedding in a way that makes mindful and meaningful what is most important to you in your relationship and values your guests in their role as witnesses. This strengthens your commitment and gets you off on the right foot!

Ceremonies Offered:

This is what I do. It’s not your normal wedding. It is tailor made to fit your personalities, what you value most, what you desire most in your relationship and what your dreams are. It can be serious, spiritual, religious, secular, humorous, sentimental, fun, and as creative as you want. I love to include ritual elements from your family of origin and ethnic heritage if that interests you. I have no agenda or hidden agenda for your ceremony. I do have a library of resources and a skill set to weave together a ceremony that is just right for you.

I love to travel and am happy to officiate at any destination you have in mind! Or I am happy to write and design your ceremony and you can then have someone else officiate if you wish.

Pre marital coaching is not at all required. However, as a licensed marriage and family therapist, I bring years of experience in coaching healthy, satisfying and successful relationships. I offer a package to help assure you that you have the tools and skill set to navigate the marital journey. It includes instruction on fair fighting; optimal methods to be heard and to listen; meeting each other’s emotional needs and how to turn towards rather than away from your partner. 

Many couples enjoy the ritual of renewing their vows. Some couples like to do this annually; others prefer special anniversaries. Your keepsake copy of your wedding ceremony is utilized for vow renewals to remind you of your promises and vision.  Additional material is interwoven based upon your life experiences to date and current vision.  It’s a great way to solidify commitment and to celebrate your growth together.

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Recent client testimonials

“My husband and I cannot begin to say enough good things about the ceremony Seanne officiated for us last September. Being a bride on a tight schedule between work, family and planning a wedding, it was nice to be able to communicate what our desires for the wedding were, and to have a professional like Seanne take that information and make it so personal and meaningful. Seanne is very thorough, creative and skilled. We especially appreciated her ability to work with our blended family so that everyone felt special and included. She is insightful, calming, jovial and filled with graciousness and class. The way Seanne made all our guests, family members and dear friends a part of our special day was priceless!”

Kurt and Heather

“Our wedding ceremony was a beautiful depiction of the life we have built together and the meaningful commitment that cements it all in place. Seanne has a true gift in writing an insightful, intimate ceremony that encompassed all of our needs. Every word of our ceremony was significant. We feel so blessed to have the perfect ceremony in our memory of our wedding day. Seanne made our wedding ceremony stress free, relaxed and fun! She suggested great ideas like our salt ceremony as a unity ceremony so the whole family could be involved. Seanne makes writing ceremonies that are tailored particularly to us seem like an effortless art. Our ceremony was meaningful, insightful and intimate. We love how the ceremony involved our special guests by inviting them to hold us accountable as witnesses to our commitment to one another. Thank you, Seanne, for truly listening to our needs, wants, and visions of our day and fusing them into this organic ceremony….Our day was perfect for us!”

Celeste and Darren

“Thank you for creating and performing such a wonderful ceremony for us!  It really meant a lot to us both that you could be such an important part of our special day.  We had a lot of people come up to us afterwards with nothing but compliments.  None of them had ever been to a wedding before where they got to hear the story of how the couple met.  The ceremony made our wedding day one we will always remember and our guests will too!”

Adam and Staci