The purpose of the Divorce Ceremony is to respectfully release a couple from their original marriage vows.  This allows the couple to freely move forward with less emotional baggage.  If the couple has children, it can also facilitate them in their grief process and ultimately help them move toward acceptance.  The purpose of the ceremony is to heal hearts by forgiving the past and releasing the future. 

If both parties are willing to participate in the ceremony, I will work with the couple privately to ensure that both participants are ready to declare publicly their forgiveness and release.  I will also work with the children to assess their readiness to participate.

This ceremony is also powerful for one party if the other is not willing or ready to partipate.


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  • Who to invite

    Some prefer this to be a very private affair; others prefer to have witnesses that are from their inner circle. You can invite friends, family and work associates to join you in the spirit of acceptance and love, and to welcome a new day with renewed commitments for growth and fulfillment.

  • Time it Right: 

    You may want to time your Divorce Ceremony to something significant, such as the last alimony check being received or paid, the receipt of divorce papers or the final payment of legal bills.

  • All About You: 

    Incorporate music, dancing, colors, flowers, crafts, foods and cultural elements into the ceremony to reflect your personality and to celebrate you!

  • Location: 

    Choose a location that is quiet and pleasing for this very personal ceremony. Example: a home and garden, a private location by a park or a lake. If the ceremony is outdoors make sure you have an indoor back-up plan if it rains.

“Anyone that has been through or is going through a divorce needs to know that they are brave and respected for being able to come through this devastating experience with the support of their community and belief in themselves”, said Charlotte Eulette, National Director of the Celebrant Foundation and Institute.  “Personalized ceremonies that mark these milestones in people’s lives are vital for the health and well-being of each individual and our society”, she adds.


The loss of a pet deserves marking it in a special, meaningful way.  We are often very attached to our pets and we experience extreme loss at their passing.  Too often this is a lonely grief because it rarely has been accompanied by a personalized, meaningful ceremony of release.  These ceremonies honor the pet and all they meant to you.  These ceremonies help you appropriately grieve their passing so you can face your present and future.

Downsizing is sometimes a choice; sometimes not.  A sense of freedom or loss or both often accompanies downsizing.  A ceremony for downsizing helps make conscious all the emotions involved.  It highlights what one is ready to release and helps articulate what one is moving toward.  These kind of ceremonies can be very powerful.

Graduations and Rites of Passage are important to celebrate in ways that articulate the hopes and dreams parents have and also the strengths and gifts they see in their children.  These customized ceremonies can be very powerful in helping all involved gracefully step into the next stage of development.  Highlights from earlier stages are acknowledged and the child is empowered into the new stage.

Memories are built and associated with the homes in which we live. When it's time for a move, it's important to honor the life that has been in the home...what you will take with you in your heart and what you will choose to leave behind. It clears the way for new beginnings.

All Ceremonies of Release come complete with a Keepsake Copy for you!