Mark Those Moments!

A Certified Lifecycle Celebrant, Seanne is a trained professional who designs and facilitates ceremony that is meaningful and transformative for life passages and transitions.  Celebrants help mark milestone moments in people’s lives.  Well designed ceremonies are powerful in helping people either celebrate significant times in their lives or in helping them adjust to difficult situations.  Well designed ceremony is incredibly healing.

Ceremonies & BLESSINGS Offered:

Milestone Birthdays are a great thing to celebrate with a personalized story highlighting major events and celebrating vision for the future!  It brings families closer. Often times, family members report learning something new they never knew about their loved one. The one with the birthday feels very special and highly honored. I use a questionnaire and interview to design the celebration. We can make them fun, serious, funny or sentimental‚Ķor all of the above!

Milestone Anniversary celebrations are really fun! We can design milestone wedding anniversary celebrations, or milestone business anniversaries, or a milestone anniversary of anything you want to celebrate!  We tell the story, highlight special events, honor special people and set the vision for the future. These are powerful events and engage participants in a fun yet meaningful way.

Adoption Ceremonies are especially meaningful. The story is told, including dreams for the child while highlighting values parents want to instill. The inner circle of support for the child is honored and included as valued community in the rearing of the child. Ritual elements can include meaningful cultural and family practices. 

Retirement is a special milestone. Marking retirement with a personalized, honoring ceremony can be powerful in successfully launching a new lifestage. It’s important to mark and highlight contributions made, with the support of those present who have been influenced by or have influenced the honoree. 

House Blessings are wonderfully engaging, fun and meaningful!  We design a house blessing just for you while accentuating your dreams for your life in the home.  We involve those closest to you.  Cultural elements are included as you wish.

Baby Blessings are one of my favorite!  What can be better than a personalized ceremony to honor your little one, complete with your child’s inner circle, there to support, witness and feel honored as part of the community who will influence your child?  These ceremonies include highlighting the values and intentions the parents hold for the child.  Again, cultural elements are included as you wish.

All Milestone Ceremonies and Blessings come complete with a Keepsake Copy for you!


Acombined birthday AND Anniversary testimonial, what a celebration!

“Anniversaries are to celebrate memories.  We celebrated our 60th  wedding anniversary, my husband’s 90th birthday and my 80th birthday with the help of Celebrant Seanne Larson Emerton.  Seanne gave both of us a questionnaire to fill out.  Our two daughters were also given a questionnaire to answer.  Each question asked particular memories.  Ours started with the courtship, wedding, etc.  Our answers to the questions ended up telling our story and helped Seanne design a ceremony of celebration that was both meaningful and powerful for our family.  Our grandchildren learned things about us they had not known.  The service of Celebration was beautiful with all of the family participating.  There were candles and roses too.  We received a lovely Keepsake Memory Booklet of the ceremony which we both treasure.  What fun for us to read the book and relive the celebration on our 61st anniversary!  We are so thankful we had the ceremony to include in our many memories of our 61 years together.”

Ruth & Bob
Arecent home blessing -

“Seanne was able to capture our feelings and beliefs and incorporate them into a beautiful house blessing ceremony for our family as we celebrated moving into our new home.  It was especially meaningful as this was the first home we built and we moved from a city where we had lived for 15 years to a new city.  The ceremony helped us mark this important transition.  Through a set of questions provided by Seanne, we jointly created a ceremony that was unique, fulfilling and a spiritual experience.  Seanne’s inclusion of each family member and various cultural elements resulted in a lasting family memory.  The Keepsake Copy of the Ceremony is something we treasure. We feel richly blessed.”  

Mary, Paco & Sara