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Why choose Ceremony Designed for you?

Do you value a custom designed, meaningful ceremony as much as your wedding cake? Are you wanting a memorable, beautiful and creative ceremony that you and your guests will long remember after the wedding dress is packed away? Do you desire a ceremony which is either secular or honors inter-faith elements, reflective of your respective heritages? Or do you want a religious ceremony honoring components of your faith? Or does a spiritual but non religious ceremony appeal to you? Do you long for a ceremony that expresses what is in your heart and tells your unique story?


We begin with a no-charge-to-you initial interview to see if we are a fit. If so, I get to know you via a thorough questionnaire that contains questions relevant to your desires for the ceremony.  Once we discuss and clarify your wishes and intent for your ceremony, I then write out a complete ceremony draft from start to finish, interweaving readings or poetry that fit and any other important ingredients you have chosen. Together we edit and make changes until it’s just right for you.  You will have approved of every word.  No surprises!

Using a Celebrant trained through the www.celebrantinstitute.org ensures that you are getting someone thoroughly trained and prepared to provide you the meaningful ceremony you deserve. It also ensures that your Celebrant has a connection to a vast array of resources to research and design the ceremony of your dreams. As a member of the Celebrant Foundation and Institute Alumni Association, I have access to a network of colleagues with whom I can consult as needed to create your one-of-a-kind ceremony.
An investment in a ceremony designed for you is an investment in yourself and your relationship.

Head on over the the FAQ page, We have provided many answers to help you on your journey!

Are you looking for a ceremony that:
honors your special relationship?

I work closely with you to give you exactly the kind of feel you need. Your ceremony is as unique as your relationship.  I customize it to fit you.

solidifies your commitment?

Meaningful, personalized ceremony anchors your relationship.  It defines what makes you and your relationship unique and special.  It sets the vision for your dreams!

engages your guests?

Your guests will feel honored and involved as they witness your ceremony.  They aren’t just bystanders.  Ceremony designed for you is never boring!  It will be an experience your guests long remember. 

works with and honors the relationships that are important to you?

We can tailor make your ceremony to involve those most important to you by choosing creative ways for them to really participate or to be honored.  This works especially well for blended families.  It gets everyone on the same page.