What is a Celebrant?

A Celebrant is an expert in the art of creating ceremony!  The Celebrant’s main focus is to create a ceremony that reflects the needs, beliefs, cultural background, value and tastes of those involved.  More information on Celebrancy can be found at the Celebrant Institute and Foundation’s website.  I am certified and trained through this organization and a member of their alumni foundation.

Would you help us write our own vows?

Yes, I love helping couples with the process of writing their own, personalized vows if that is their desire.  I have a library of sample vows as well and questions to help you get started thinking what you want to say.  You have a choice if you want to write your own vows or if you want me to write them for you, based on your personal story.

Do you have experience working with children and blended families?

Yes! My experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist is rich in working with all kinds of families and all ages of children. I love to help children feel a part of the ceremony because I believe it helps their acceptance of the new family system. I am happy to meet with children in preparation for the ceremony if desired.

Do you do pre-marital counseling?

Yes! Pre-marital counseling is a specialty of mine as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, however it is not required. I can tailor make a session or two to meet your needs if it interests you. Depending upon your focus, I usually work proactively with couples to cover basics on good communication, fair fighting techniques and foundational elements of building a strong marriage. I am trained in and use John Gottman’s work (reference his books) Additional fees apply.

How do you write our ceremony if you don’t know us?

If it is logistically possible, we will meet for an informal consult where I can get to know you, share information with you and learn about your hopes and desires for your ceremony. If it is not possible to meet in person, this is easy to do via video chat, email or even phone. From there, you will receive “homework” (don’t worry…it’s FUN!)…an in depth worksheet you’ll each fill out that will help me get to know you better and exactly what you are looking for. I will then write your ceremony and send the first draft to you for your approval. I am available to rehearse the ceremony with you and will officiate on the day of. I am also available for unlimited phone and email consultations throughout the process.

How do you work long distance with clients? Is it necessary to meet with you in person before the ceremony?

If logistically possible, I like to meet with my clients in person before the ceremony. However, we can certainly design and create the perfect ceremony for you working long distance using video chat, email and phone.

Do you do destination weddings?

Yes, I love to travel! Please contact me to discuss the legality issues (depending on the state or outside the country). Additional travel and accommodation fees apply.

Do you perform civil unions and same sex weddings?

Yes! I would be honored to preside over your marriage no matter who you are marrying! We will discuss the particulars to be sure the wording and pronouns are comfortable for you.

Do you do Vow Renewal ceremonies?

Yes! The Vow Renewal Ceremony is a beautiful way to honor your relationship and your marriage. We can design this any way you want. For instance, it can be fun to remember your original wedding and reflect upon your journey and growth since that time. (I also offer discounts for those who have previously used my services.)

Should we have a rehearsal?

Rehearsals can help calm nerves and ensure that everything will run smoothly the day of the wedding. If you have a ceremony that involves rituals with a number of people and includes many children in your wedding party, then I think having a rehearsal is a great idea. It also helps everyone know exactly where to go during the processional and recessional. I like to run through the logistics of the ceremony twice during rehearsals so everyone is clear and knows what to expect. I will provide cue sheets and information for everyone involved.

How long do your ceremonies take?

It all depends on how much YOU want in it! The average is around 25 to 30 minutes. My quick, non customized weddings can be done in 5 minutes or so.

What do you wear?

I usually wear slacks, a dress or a suit based on the formality of your wedding. I try to coordinate with the colors of your wedding if possible. I do not wear a robe or stole. The intent of a Celebrant officiated wedding is to have the main focus be on you, the couple. So my dress will be simple and not distracting.

Do you stay for the reception or rehearsal dinner?

I do not usually attend the rehearsal dinner or reception…although I have been known to stay for cocktail hour!

Why is it important to use a Certified Life-cycle Celebrant®?

Using a Celebrant trained through the ensures that you are getting someone thoroughly trained and prepared to provide you the meaningful ceremony you deserve. It also ensures that your Celebrant has a connection to a vast array of resources to research and design the ceremony of your dreams. As a member of the Celebrant Foundation and Institute Alumni Association, I have access to a network of colleagues with whom I can consult as needed to create your one-of-a-kind ceremony.

Why have a Celebrant wedding?

As a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®, I have been trained by the Celebrant Foundation and Institute in the art of creating personalized ceremonies. I can legally officiate weddings and I also enjoy creating ceremonies for all of life’s major passages, such as vow renewals, commitment ceremonies, baby blessings, adoption ceremonies, house blessings, milestone birthdays and anniversaries, retirements and even teen agers’ rite of passage from childhood into adolescence. Because I am trained in the art of creating meaningful ceremony, I can custom design any ceremony to meet your needs. Ceremonies of healing and transition can be especially helpful such as the Release of Vows/Divorce ceremony to help individuals and couples move forward.

My ceremonies are inclusive of gender, race and background. My experience and training as a marriage and family therapist as well as my experience and training as a Celebrant has convinced me of the power of meaningful ceremony. I believe it strengthens relationships, helps in successfully moving from one stage of life into another, solidifies commitment, makes conscious those valued beliefs you hold, helps hold accountability and sets the vision for your dreams.

All ceremonies I create come with a Keepsake Copy for you to read over and over and revisit at significant anniversary times. This serves as a valuable reminder of the promises made, of what drew you together and what holds you together.

An investment in a ceremony designed for you is an investment in yourself and your relationship.

How soon do we need to secure your services?

Weddings are typically booked a year in advance. However, I have designed and officiated weddings with much less notice. The more time, the better because then I have more time to get to know you and therefore customize a wedding that optimally meets your needs and desires. Contact me to check your date’s availability.