I’m so excited to launch my Ceremony Designed For You website!  Thanks for checking it out.  Like life, the website itself is evolving and has already experienced lots of changes through the design phase.  (A big shout out to Brant who patiently and skillfully guides me through the phases of its development.)

I absolutely LOVE being a Celebrant!  I hope this site will help guide you as you ponder what you want for your special day or how you may want to mark any major life event.

I just officiated my nephew’s wedding last weekend.  The venue was fantastic, the Bluestem Vineyard near Crete, Nebraska.  There’s nothing more fun than helping a couple formulate what they most want to include in their personalized ceremony and then to officiate their day.  There’s an intimate quality about it that my heart treasures with each ceremony I do.

While exhilarating, I also notice how exhausted I am at each ceremony’s conclusion.  I think that’s because a professional Celebrant really “holds the space” for the ceremony.  I spend lots of emotional energy preparing and being present with it from its creation, through the rehearsal and ceremony itself.  There are many details requiring mindful attention.  But the joy and experience of a flawless, in-flow ceremony is totally worth it. 

As I exited down the aisle at the conclusion of my nephew’s ceremony last weekend, I overheard guests behind me commenting on how they had never attended such a unique and meaningful ceremony as that one had been.  They especially seemed to appreciate the Wine Unity Ritual we did as they had never seen that before.  Comments like those fill my heart because I really want my couples to have a one-of-a-kind, memorable ceremony.  I think it’s one of the best ways to jump start a happy, satisfying marriage.